International Workshop on the Mechanism of
High Temperature Superconductors
June 18-22,2001 Lijiang, China

    The mechanism of high temperature cuprate and the newly discovered superconductors has received enormous interests in the field of condensed matter physics. This workshop is specially dedicated to this focused issue. Scientists from different labs will gather in Lijiang, a very beautiful and historical city in Yunnan province of China, to enjoy the recent development, to present their views and ideas, and to reach a further scheme for these superconductors.


Prof. Zhongxian Zhao
National Lab. For Superconductivity, Institute of Physics, CAS, P.O. Box 603, Beijing 100080, China.

Prof. Zhi-Xun Shen
Department of Applied Physics and Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305, U.S.A.

Prof. Shoucheng Zhang
Department of Physics, McCullough Building, Stanford University, Stanford CA 94305-4045, U.S.A. & Center for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China

Prof. Hai-Hu Wen
National Lab. For Superconductivity, Institute of Physics, CAS, P.O. Box 603, Beijing 100080, China

  1. National Laboratory for Superconductivity, CAS, China
2. Institute of Physics, CAS, China
3. South-South Cooperation Fund, Chinese Academy of Sciences
4. Stanford University
5. Tsinghua University, Beijing


Meeting secretary: Jun Liu (
Also contacts at: Zhongxian Zhao (
                          Hai-Hu Wen (


1. Four half days for invited talks.
2. Two half days for free discussion and short talks. ( please specify in your reply whether you need a short talk ).
3. One day for Lijiang local sightseeing.


Onsite registration will be arranged in the afternoon on 17th June in Kunming and Lijiang. You could either arrive in Kunming on 17th June and then take a bus ( arranged by the meeting ) to Lijiang on 18th June ( 10 hrs driving ), or fly to Lijiang city, Yunnan province, directly. Registration fee is exempted for invited speakers, we will also cover the local expenses ( hotel and food ) during the 4-day meeting for them. They should however pay the traveling expenses to Lijiang and back to home, and the after-meeting-tour ( selected by themselves ). For other participants, they should pay the costs including the registration fee ( US$300.-- ) and the hotel, we will also cover the food expenses and the meeting events for them during the meeting and the one-day Lijiang local sightseeing. For each accompanied person, the hotel should be paid by themselves and US$150.-- is needed as the registration fee if they join the meeting events ( reception, food and one-day Lijiang local sightseeing ).


Please send a mail to above contacting E-mail address before 5 April in notifying whether you will attend this meeting. Since the hotels and the transport will be very busy during the meeting time, therefore earlier confirmation is welcome. A late reply will lead to the canceling of your name from the invitation list. If you will attend this meeting please mail together the title and a brief abstract of your talk. We will send a formal invitation letter to you for your visa as soon as a confirmation message is received.


1. Lijiang-Dali-Kunming
2. Lijiang-Zhongdian - Shangrila - Meili Snow Mountain
3. Lijiang-Xishuangbanna-Kunming
( To be charged and organized by the local travel agencies. Please specify in your reply message )

  1. B. Laughlin ( Stanford,USA )
2. S. C. Zhang ( Stanford,USA)
3. Dunghai Lee ( Berkeley,USA)
4. Naoto Nagaosa ( U. Tokyo,Japan)
5. Zhi-Xun Shen ( Stanford,USA)
6. Xingjiang Zhou (Stanford,USA)
7. P. C. Dai (ORNL, Oak Ridge,USA)
8. S. H. Pan ( BU, Boston,USA )
9. G. Q. Zheng ( Osaka,Japan )
10. P. H. Hor ( UH, Houston,USA )
11. S. Uchida ( U. Tokyo,Japan )
12. H. H. Wen ( NLSC, IOP, Beijing)
13. Alexander N. Lavrov
14. A.Fujimori(U. Tokyo)
15. H. Ding(BC, Boston,USA)
16. Z. Y. Weng(TU, Beijing)
17. Z. D. Wang(HKU, Hong Kong)
18. X. Hu(NIMS, Tsukuba,Japan)


2001年6月18-22日,由超导国家重点实验室主办,中科院物理所、美国斯坦福大学、中科院国际合作局(南南合作基金)和清华大学支持并协办的国际高温超导机理研讨会,在云南丽江召开。来自大陆、香港、台湾、美国和日本的30余名正式代表参加了会议。参加者包括在高温超导机制领域享有重要影响的理论和实验科学家,如诺贝尔奖获得者R. B. Laughlin教授,Onnes 奖获得者美国斯坦福大学著名学者沈志勋教授,日本超导研究著名学者 S. Uchida 教授等。共有23人在会上作了口头报告,其中18人作了邀请报告。报告之后,由著名学者张守晟教授主持了两个小时的自由讨论。会上大家争论激烈,涉及到高温超导体的一些根本问题,如Mott绝缘体对高温超导电性的出现是否是关键性的,准粒子是否仍然是描述强关联材料的一个有效概念,不均匀电子相是否是本征特性等等。最后R. B. Laughlin教授作了生动的总结发言。大家都表示从众多高水平的报告中学到很多东西并了解到最新的进展。