Synthesis and physical properties of novel superconductor thin films
  Group Leader: Prof. lixin Cao
 SC3: Research on the Growth and Physical Properties of High Temperature Superconductors under Micro- and Nano- scale and their heterostructures
  Group Leader: Prof. Xianggang Qiu
SC4: Exploration of Novel Superconductors and Investigations on Related Mechanism of Superconductivity
  Group Leader: Prof. Zhongxian Zhao
SC5: Superconductor thin films and devices
  Group Leader: Prof. Dongning Zheng
 SC7: Photoemission Spectroscopy on Superconductivity Mechanism and Unusual Normal State Properties of Novel Superconductors
  Group Leader: Prof. Xingjiang Zhou
SC8: Neutron scattering studies of strongly correlated materials include FeAs-based and copper oxide high-temperature superconductors
  Group Leader: Prof. Pengcheng Dai
SC9: NMR Study on Superconductivity
  Group Leader: Prof. Guoqing Zheng